Andrea Casiraghi Grimaldi (grimaldi) wrote in must_be_royal,
Andrea Casiraghi Grimaldi

[This was taken directly from valo because I see no reason to change the words around.

Bad news: LJ Abuse has started suspending a couple of celebrities in the last few days. Please make sure your disclaimers are well set and PRAY!! They will not give any journals back once they are suspended.

APPROPRIATE DISCLAIMER means both, a disclaimer or link to an outside disclaimer on every entry AND a statement in the user information that the journal is not maintained by or connected with the real celebrity. I recommend you put both up --- make them big, fat and obvious. DO NOT put something cute in the same color as your journal. It's not the MBP moderating team, it's LJ Abuse you're dealing with in this case. We CANNOT DO ANYTHING for you or your character once you get suspended. We also cannot promise anything if you DO have the disclaimer up.

we are in no position to bitch and moan to LJ Abuse: what we do in this game is inherently a breach of user agreement, and they've made this fact very clear to us. All we can do is to tell people "put up your disclaimers," even if that's not necessarily going to help in any given way. DO NOT engage in a fight with them, please, nor report any celebrity journals to them, or else they might as well suspend all the celebrity impersonation journals at once. Don't make the mistake of thinking that they won't throw us out because they're interested in our money. There are enough "civilian" journals out there that are paid accounts and whose owners will pay for additional icons. They don't need us, we are just tolerated as long as we don't do anything dumb.

Please TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! I know most communities don't like cross-posting, but I think this is important enough to get posted in every community you are a member of (just make sure nobody else has posted there already)!

If you have a little time on your hands, please check the disclaimers on MBP related journals. If you can't see the disclaimers, please comment to the journal to let the person know about this (just make sure nobody else has done so before). There are member lists on the website under That would really help a LOT!!!

Also, email if you notice any journals that are missing. Just tell us the celebrity and user name, and we will add them. Also email us if you need any other help. We will do our best to answer all requests in a timely manner.]</ljcut>
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