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Vanity Fair

Okay, I just need to vent right now because I'm a little pissed off. But pissed off in a good way, like I'm laughing at myself that I'm pissed off about this. Anyway, some mates over in New York sent me a copy of the latest Vanity Fair from the US. William is on the cover and at first I was like "Eh, I don't know if I want to read this." But it was like this huge special on all the royals of Europe. So thinking I would be in it, I go through the whole magazine. I'm not in it. Nor is Andrea or Pierre. Our Uncle is...and this is what really cracks me up. Our step-brother is! But we're not. So yeah, I'm just a little bitter. *laughs*

Victoria, Madde, Frederik, Harry and William you guys are all in it looking fabulous as always.

EDIT: All is well now. I just read People that came with Vanity Fair, and there's another article about royals in there, featuring yours truly and Andrea. No Pierre though. I shall have to find a picture and glue it in there then.
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